15% Targeted IRR*
Quarterly Distributions
Long-Term Appreciation

We Purchase Value-add Institutional-quality assets.
Funs open for accredited investors.

Why Invest With Us?


Our deal flow provides valuable portfolio diversification across multiple asset classes, operators, & geographies


Invest in pre-vetted recession resilient assets that perform well in all cycles


As a passive equity investor you’ll receive consistent and predictable passive income distributions directly to your bank account


All investors will have access to our investor portal that will help track your investments and store important documents


Enjoy lucrative ROI’s without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk (targeted returns of 15% – 22%)


Investors can use Cash, Self-Directed IRAs, Solo 401Ks, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Trusts and LLC’s to invest


Experience true diversification outside of stock market and avoid market volatility with non-correlated commercial real estate


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.


True ownership in a LLC allows for pass-through depreciation of the assets to investors, providing significant tax benefit Real estate appreciates in value.

How Does it Work?


You Invest

Accredited & Non-Accredited Investors become partners in the actual real estate.


We Buy

Cilien Capital finds the deals, negotiates the purchase and financing, and closes the deal.


We Collect Rents

Our portfolio of properties generates monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.


You Get Paid

We pay out cash distributions quarterly to you, the investor.

Ways Investors Make Money


Positive cash flow from rental income is typically distributed to investors quarterly and in lump sum payouts at disposition and/or refinancing.


Multifamily apartment syndication is a business valued primarily by its NOI. Through physical and operational improvements, you can increase the value of the property by increasing NOI.


Investors benefit from tax benefits such as accelerated depreciation and cost segregation, possible 1031 exchanges into new projects and tax free return of initial equity.


Revenue from regular operations & rental income pays down the debt on the property, which in turn builds equity for investors.

Two Great Ways to Get you Sold

EXPRESS Cash Offer

For those who want to sell on their own schedule with more convenience, certainty and control.

  • Strong Cash Offer
  • Sell without listing
  • No showings
  • Pick your closing day
  • Free local move
  • 3-Day Extended Stay

FLEX List with Confidence

For those who want to list with maximum value and guidance from real estate experts.

  • Back-up Cash Offer
  • Dedicated Local Experts
  • Marketing Power
  • Home Improvement Advance
  • FREE Show-Ready Services
  • Buy Bundle & Save

Passive Income to Pursue Your Passion

Invest with us

If you are looking to protect your capital, enjoy passive income, and grow your wealth over time – you are in the right place. As a real estate private equity firm, we look forward to helping you build passive income so you can have the time and flexibility to live life on your own terms! Join the Cilien Capital Investor Club today to get started on this journey with us and have your money go to work for you through passive multifamily real estate investing.

Passive Investors

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